About Bill Jones

billjonesBILL JONES CLU, ChFC, LTCP, is the co-founder and president of National Alliance of Insurance Agencies, Inc. (The Alliance). Jones’ vision is long term care planning for EVERYONE, regardless of age, health or finances.

After having worked in the life and health insurance industry for decades, in 1991 Jones decided to focused exclusively on long term care insurance. His career has included accomplishments as a producer, in agency management, as well as in leadership at an insurance company. Jones was VP of Sales at MedAmerica Insurance Company (formerly Finger Lakes Long Term Care Insurance) when he was promoted to President and CEO.

As leader of the MedAmerica Companies, Jones oversaw a nearly $2 billion long term care insurance carrier. During his presidency, the dedicated leadership team at the MedAmerica Companies tripled their annual sales while also steadily growing net income and profits. Jones retired from this position in December 2013, and co-founded the The Alliance a few months later.

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I have personally worked with Bill Jones for over a decade. He knows the insurance industry, emerging trends, and conducts business with the utmost of integrity. The Alliance is focused on bringing creative product solutions, particularly relating to LTC needs, to its members. Because I agree with the mission of the Alliance and have trust in its leadership, the National LTC Network and I are strong supporters of the Alliance.
Terry Truesdell, CEO of the National LTC Network