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LTC Complete

LTC Complete We are thrilled to announce the roll out of our new program LTC Complete: a guaranteed issue long term care protection for employees and their spouses. If you’re ready to get started or have any remaining questions we want to hear from you. We can be... read more

The Sign on My Desk

I have this small glass block on my desk with a message inscribed on the inside. This was given to me many years ago by the former CEO of the Excellus BlueCross BlueShield plans, Howard Berman.  Howard had little tolerance for sales people that used to go on and on... read more

It’s Actually Quite Simple…

Here’s the scenario… You get a lead, or a referral. The prospect wants a solution. You want a client. The company says no (either in their underwriting guide or to an actual application). Everyone’s not happy. But, really, it doesn’t have to... read more

This is LTC Planning Month

Yes, I know that November is LTC Awareness month……for consumers. However, for me, and I’m sure for many of you, this is LTC Planning Month. We are planning on how to end 2016 on a high note and, we are also looking forward to what we want to... read more

My Election Prediction

We can all agree that it’s been an interesting year in presidential politics. Here’s what not only what I predict, but what I guarantee. Yes, I guarantee these outcomes. People will vote. Some states will be red. Some will be blue. And the purple ones will... read more


Great weather, more daylight, fun outdoor activities with family and friends, a little golf when I can, and (although some might think I shouldn’t), wearing shorts and tee shirts. And  – do you know what else I like??? The year is now half over.  YET we still... read more

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After 46 years in this business, I still get very excited about new opportunities for growth. Becoming involved in the NAIA is one of the most exciting business ventures for me in many years . With the creation of NAIA we are combining the former carrier Leadership expertise of Bill Jones, with a large group of seasoned and experienced insurance marketing firms to deliver state of the art insurance products and service to our field producers. I look truly forward to being part of this dynamic organization.
Peter Gelbwaks, Gelbwaks Executive Marketing Group