The Alliance exists to help agencies grow by providing competitive, high quality products with strong compensation programs. The Alliance has a business model that brings agencies together under The Alliance umbrella to structure unique compensation programs with our insurance carriers and other partners. Although The Alliance was formed in 2014 we already have dozens of agency members and many thousands of agents.

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Why should my agency join The Alliance?

The Alliance provides access to competitive, top commission contracts. These contracts are generally available only to agencies that produce significant volumes of production. By joining The Alliance, agencies collectively help each other validate the carrier production requirements necessary to obtain and keep the top commission contracts.

Does the Alliance provide bonus opportunities to agencies?

Yes. Bonuses are determined by product and carrier as each Alliance bonus opportunity is unique. When you become a member you will receive specific information as to how each product bonus program works. Earning bonuses in addition to receiving top commission contracts provides a strong compensation opportunity for Alliance members.

What products are offered through The Alliance?

We offer a vast array of products that provide unique value propositions to agencies, their agents and clients. One particular product focus is to provide hybrid and linked benefit products that offer some form of LTC coverage linked to Life and Annuity products. In addition to Life insurance and Annuities, other products offered are Medicare Supplements, Critical Illness, and Reverse Mortgages. Products are available on both an individual and group basis.

Do I need to contract with all carriers and products offered through the Alliance?

No. You can choose what carriers and products to represent. Although we encourage appointments will all of our carriers so your agency can be competitive in attracting top agents, if you do not wish to sell certain types of products or certain carriers you are not required to become appointed for those products or carriers through The Alliance.

Can my agency be affiliated with other groups in addition to The Alliance?

Yes. The Alliance does not offer all types of products. You have no restrictions on joining other organizations by becoming an Alliance member.

How do Alliance agent members select the agency with whom to affiliate?

All agents that join the Alliance that are not already affiliated with an existing Alliance agency member are referred to all Alliance agency members to select their agency affiliation. The Alliance does not recommend one agency over another. All agents that are already affiliated with an existing Alliance agency member stay affiliated with that agency.

What happens if I join The Alliance then want to discontinue my membership?

No problem. You can discontinue membership at any time. Any agency contracts through the Alliance will be immediately released upon written request.

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After 46 years in this business, I still get very excited about new opportunities for growth. Becoming involved in the NAIA is one of the most exciting business ventures for me in many years . With the creation of NAIA we are combining the former carrier Leadership expertise of Bill Jones, with a large group of seasoned and experienced insurance marketing firms to deliver state of the art insurance products and service to our field producers. I look truly forward to being part of this dynamic organization.
Peter Gelbwaks, Gelbwaks Executive Marketing Group