12824_NAIA-Summer-MapThe National Alliance of Insurance Agencies, Inc. (“The Alliance”) is please announce its  popular LTC Product Solutions Map (“Map”) has been updated.

The Summer 2015 edition of the Map includes:

•    An expanded list of 14 product solutions, curated for your benefit, sourced from 12 companies
•    Succinct product descriptions give you more insight to solutions offered
•    Guaranteed-issue products and field-issued products, allowing you to profitably write LTC funding solutions at very old ages and very small budgets
•    Robust selection of products and companies for even those who are absolutely uninsurable for traditional LTCI

“The map is the culmination of a year of research.  This proprietary tool helps producers identify the best long term care (LTC) planning solutions to help every one of their prospects and clients,” says Bill Jones, co-founder, President and CEO of The Alliance.  Jones continues, “The Alliance is committed to helping literally everyone plan for LTC and to be able to obtain private LTC financing. The Map lays out options based on both health and finances, allowing agents to quickly hone in on a client’s best choice.”

Insurance agents are encouraged to get their own copy of the Summer 2015 Map, by contacting their Brokerage General Agent.  Agents whose BGA is not affiliated with The Alliance can contact The Alliance directly.