November is LTC Awareness month.  The focus of this month is that we in the LTC Industry conduct various programs to help CONSUMERS become aware of the need to plan for eventual LTC needs.

Should we also consider turning the focus on ourselves?

Given the evolution of our industry, perhaps it is our industry – all of us – who could benefit from being more aware.

The LTC Industry has evolved into one that now has multiple financing solutions available for consumers.  LTCI, Life/LTC plans, Annuity/LTC plans, Short Term Care plans, Home Care Only plans, Group vs. Individual plans, and even non-insurance options such as Life Settlements, Pre-Paid Home Care plans and Reverse Mortgages are all options for people to consider.

Are you aware that all these various plans are now available, so now virtually any consumer – regardless of age, health, financial condition, or state of residence – can have at least one option to consider for their LTC planning?  Today’s LTC planning market is much broader than yesterday’s LTCI-only market.

However, I find that most LTC Professionals are not AWARE of these relatively new financing options their potential clients can obtain.  That means potential clients are not aware, either!  So I submit that AWARENESS, and PROFICIENCY IN all of these financing tools is needed for us professionals, even more so than consumers.

By first becoming AWARE, then PROFICIENT in discussing these various options, you will help more consumers not only be aware of the need to plan for LTC costs, you will be able to help more of them actually take action and put a plan in place.

Awareness is not just for consumers, after all.