Great weather, more daylight, fun outdoor activities with family and friends, a little golf when I can, and (although some might think I shouldn’t), wearing shorts and tee shirts.

And  – do you know what else I like???

The year is now half over.  YET we still have well over 5 more months to achieve our objectives for this year.

So, here’s what I’m thinking: having a little less than 6 months left (about 24 weeks) to hit our numbers can actually bring a sense of focus and determination to ‘winning’, as we defined it earlier in the year.  Now is a great time to dust off those goals we set at the beginning of the year and take stock:

Where are we?

Why are we where we are?

And, what we are going to do to make sure we achieve the goals we set?

To put a point on it, the “what” we are going to do is the most important part in this evaluation.

When we help people plan for eventual long term care, we help prospects focus on the “consequences” of actions, or inactions, in that decision-making process.  The theme of “consequences” also applies to us as we run our businesses.  Our behavior, the “what” that we do, or don’t do, determines all of the consequences we realize as a result.

If your results are not on target with your goals at this year’s midpoint, those are consequences of your behavior.  If that is the case, should you consider a behavioral change to get back on track?

The Alliance may be able to help you.  Our diverse LTC product solution portfolio helps makes virtually everyone you see a prospect for some form of LTC funding solution.  Have you integrated ALL of the LTC product solutions into your everyday sales activities?  If not, perhaps you can consider the change of adopting a very broad-based LTC solution portfolio.  We are here to help you with this.

In any event, I hope you are able have a great second half of the year and move now toward exceeding your goals this year.  And I hope that you meet the personal goal of enjoying the summer season with family and friends.