12824_NAIA-logo-co-nameThe National Alliance of Insurance Agencies, Inc. (The Alliance) has entered into a strategic relationship with American Senior Services, Inc.

“The Alliance is on a mission to provide long term care funding solutions to every individual and family, regardless of health and affordability for even modest budgets,” said Bill Jones, President and CEO of The Alliance. “Adding American Senior Services, Inc. and their True Freedom Premier program to our suite of solutions allows us to help even more families.”

While most people want to stay in their own homes when they need long term care, the vast majority of people do not plan ahead for this risk.

When someone decides to do long term care planning, they often find out traditional solutions are no longer an option, for reasons such as a decline in health.   Now seniors who don’t qualify medically for traditional long term care insurance can still plan ahead and put long term care funding in place with True Freedom Premier.

“True Freedom was designed to put the long term care recipient in the driver’s seat, by making private-pay home care easier and more affordable,” said Bobby Gross, CEO of American Senior Services, Inc.  “Without our program, many more American families would need to rely on government-funded programs that can be vulnerable to funding shortfalls and budget cuts.  Privately-paying for home care also allows many more people to remain in the homes, and not have to relocate to an institution to receive care services.”

True Freedom joins the comprehensive list of over a dozen product solutions already enjoyed by the growing list of insurance agents and other advisors who practice optimal long term care planning.

“True Freedom has no underwriting, no age limits, no deductibles and no co-pays.  Offering True Freedom fits within the Alliance’s mission of providing alternative long term care (LTC) funding solutions to people who cannot obtain traditional LTC products due to their age, current health, or limited finances,” said Alliance President Jones.

About American Senior Services

American Senior Services, Inc. is a service contract company that offers the most viable and dependable alternative to traditional home health care insurance.

Since 2008, American Senior Services has been a trusted service provider that successfully serves thousands of seniors in all states through a commitment to integrity and financial responsibility.