Yes, I know that November is LTC Awareness month……for consumers. However, for me, and I’m sure for many of you, this is LTC Planning Month. We are planning on how to end 2016 on a high note and, we are also looking forward to what we want to accomplish in 2017.

This month I want to talk with you briefly about 2017.

I am continually seeking ways of improving the Alliance’s value proposition to both you and to our carrier partners. Whether that is finding new product solutions, new sales ideas, new marketing initiatives, or new relationships that can help all of us. We remain focused on expanding the LTC market to everyone, regardless of age, health, or financial status. I believe everyone should have a LTC plan in place, regardless of the product or method they choose to fund that plan.

In my quest to continually improve the value the Alliance brings to you, I have discovered Peloton Global Distribution Services. Peloton is a very large conglomerate of diversified companies that work together to provide maximum product availability and support services to its members. The Alliance has recently joined Peloton as a member. As you read this, the Peloton leaders and I are working on the plan for 2017 to provide maximum opportunities for you. You can read the recent announcement here.

In the next few weeks I will be talking individually with all Alliance agency members to explain the Peloton relationship and what it means to you. For now, let me just say that I am excited about joining the Peloton family of companies. I expect that sales in 2017 will increase for all Alliance members and our carrier partners. The Alliance’s product portfolio and supportive services will also continue to expand.

Our goal for next year is simply growth, for you and our carrier partners.

Consumers should be planning for eventual long term care needs. It is our job to help them do that. And we focus on that message in November. It is my job to give you the best tool kit possible so you can help consumers properly plan. Joining Peloton will help me do that.