Tis the season……. Soon we will move the clocks forward and have more daylight into the evening (yea!!), the Winter will end and Spring will begin (can’t wait!!), and we’ll all start increasing our outdoor activities (sorta ‘yea’, some of it is work).  It is the season of change.

The LTC industry is also in a season of change.  Recent news about Genworth ceasing sale of their life and annuity products and their ratings adjustment certainly caught many of us by surprise.  And those actions are causing reverberations into the selling behavior of many in the traditional LTCI space.  But is this change, that some would say is significant, a bad thing??

Throughout my life I have seen many changes happen in business.  And I can tell you what I have learned about “change”.  Even though sometimes certain changes seem like they will end up hurting us, that ends up not being the case.  Honestly, it took me a few years to accept that as true.  It is true for me now, but unfortunately, it isn’t true for everyone.  I am reminded of this adage…..

“It isn’t what happens to you that matters, it is what you THINK about what happens to you that matters.”

When you put into practice that Change is ALWAYS for the BEST!!, it becomes very empowering to know that not only will everything be okay, things are actually going to get better.  When you truly believe that, your behavior adapts and good things happen.  Now, things don’t get better on their own; you have to work at it.  But, with a little effort on your part, they do get better.

Your Alliance can help you in the LTC industry with alternative products to traditional LTCI solutions that may no longer be viable.  And, once you incorporate those solutions into your everyday activities, it’s inevitable that your business will grow.

I’ve learned that no matter what happens, sooner or later life goes on.   I simply choose sooner.

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