Sales idea of the month

using qualified money to fund a LTC Plan

There are TRLLIONS of dollars in retirement accounts, most of it held by baby boomers. Here is how you can set up a great LTC program for someone using qualified money.
  1. Purchase a IRA Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA). This is a rollover of qualified dollars into IRA SPIA.
  2. Purchase as asset-based life/LTC Plan with a 10-year payment period.
  3. Set up the SPIA to distribute funds annually over the 10 year period to cover the premium.
Here is an example of the net effect for a 60 year old married female:
  • Total IRA transfer $110,140
  • Annual premium $11,014
  • 6 year benefit plan with pool of $417,836
  • Monthly LTC benefit of $5,803
  • Death Benefit of $139,279
This is available in all 50 states.
With what company can you do this?? NATIONWIDE
And you receive commission from both the SPIA and the CareMatters sales!!