My wife has often accused me of being a procrastinator.    And, you know what, many times – okay, maybe all the time – she has been right.

Often, in the past, I have put off making decisions, or put off tackling tasks, that are either unpleasant or appear to be difficult. As we have been approaching the new year, and as I reflect on this and delve into self-analysis, I can conclude that the core reason for my hesitancy to act if often based in fear.

Simply put, I am afraid to make a mistake. Throughout my career I have always wanted to be the one known to have all the right answers, every time. I have been afraid of how others would view me if I make a mistake.
Sound familiar?? Anyone else have that insecurity??

The reality is that we all make mistakes. None of us are perfect. And sometimes when we make decisions we think we have all the necessary, accurate information, and it turns out that we don’t.   So we make a mistake in our decision making. And you know what happens?? Usually nothing terrible or life altering.

Life goes on without missing much of a beat…. Because, you know what?? You are allowed to make another decision. If you make a bad one, it’s okay, because you can fix it by making a new decision. So there is no credible reason for being a procrastinator, in decision making, or tackling those tasks that may appear difficult or onerous.

So my New Year’s Resolution is to act right away when something needs to be done. Don’t put it off. No more piles. Minimal to-do lists. If something needs to be done, do it now. Plain and simple.

Over the past almost two years (hard to believe!!) the Alliance has amassed an amazing portfolio of alternative LTC funding solutions with great carrier partners. Solutions that truly enable a producer to offer a LTC product or program to virtually everyone regardless of age, health, financial state, or state of residence.

However, as I review my books and look at who is contracted to sell which product, I see many are not contracted to represent all the solutions we have available. And I wonder why……

Is it procrastination? There is no time like right now to enable your firm and your producers to offer the best LTC funding portfolio available in the country through your Alliance.

So, if you are not yet contracted and promoting the Optimal LTC Funding Solutions available on our proprietary LTC Product Solutions Map (contact me if you need copies of these!), I ask that you join me, now, in getting these products into the mainstream of your business.