Well, June has rolled around and the kids are either finished with school, or about to be.  Summer is here and all of the activities we enjoy are soon to be upon us.

For me, the phrase ‘School’s Out’ takes me back to my college days when I used to play rugby.  Back in the early 1970’s when I was in college playing rugby (yeah, I am THAT old).  I used to listen to Alice Cooper right before a game to get myself psyched up and ready to play. 

I’d put the album on the turntable (remember, I am old), plug in my headphones, crank up the music, then go play the crazy game of rugby.  Still to this day, I love Cooper’s style of rock. It’s pure, crisp, and strong.  “Under My Wheels,” from the Killer album, was my favorite.  Alice performed it recently on Fox & Friends.  He still brings the same energy to his music, and more importantly, knows how to transfer that energy to his listeners.  Yep, over 40 years later, Alice Cooper is still rockin’ it out.

So what does Alice Cooper have to do with this month’s blog?  The theme of this month’s message is ENERGY.  It takes of lot of energy to win in business, especially our business of helping people plan for something they don’t want to think about, or talk about. 

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get tired, feel mentally worn out, and need more energy. 

You know what I do to get it?  Yep, you guessed it, I listen to Alice Cooper, or Aerosmith, or Pink (I guess I’m not THAT old).  Music, especially powerful, pure rock, helps me recharge.  Regular exercise also helps me stay positive and keeps my batteries charged.  I am working on improving my diet, but sometimes I find chicken wings just too hard to resist.

So what do you do to keep your energy level high?  Everyone that reads this blog has some form of a leadership position.  Others rely upon you to, not just tell them what to do, but show them how to do it.  When you do that with a high level of energy and passion, you are a much more effective leader.  When you are blah blah blah, well, you know the rest.

A quick sidebar – did you know that Alice Cooper is a GREAT golfer?  His handicap is under 6.  For you non-golfers, trust me, that is very good.  So here is a guy that for decades brings his energy to others and still, after a long, tumultuous journey, has found a way to lead a balanced life and enjoy a sport he can play the rest of his life.  

Need more energy?  Throw a little Alice Cooper onto your iPod and rock out.  I promise you’ll get energized.  The Killer album is still awesome.

One more thing – Alice, if you happen to read this, I don’t want your autograph, or any free stuff.  But if you are interested in a round of golf, please contact me.  I’d love to play a round of golf with you.  And it will be my treat.