That has certainly been true regarding the weather across most of the U.S. After all – it is summer – so it should be hot!

But things are also heating up in the world of long term care funding solutions. Carriers are continuing to innovate, and I’ve recently discovered an insurance company that has a very competitive annuity/ltc solution.

Actually, they have two solutions. One has underwriting, the other is guaranteed issue.

That’s right, NO UNDERWRITING!! The client can actually be receiving LTC services and still obtain this annuity/ltc product.

Now – before you stop reading the rest of this and pick up the phone to call me, please don’t do that (yet). All of the details will be coming out within the next week or so. The Alliance has completed its contracting and we are working with the carrier to structure a sensible roll out for all of you. We will get the details to you very soon so you can get your contracting in place.

So, although the summer is usually the “slow” time of year, at the Alliance we are working hard to bring the heat into our – and to your – business. The longer I work on building the Alliance portfolio the more I am convinced: we CAN achieve our mission of providing a suite of products that enable everyone to have at least one, viable option to privately pay for LTC services. With our portfolio you can help your producers help more people the people who are simply slipping through their fingers right now.

So, if you enjoy the heat, go outside. If your business is a little cold right now, let the Alliance heat it up. This new annuity/ltc product will certainly help to do that. Watch your inbox for more information by August 15.