A few weeks ago, Tim Conway passed away.  I remember as a younger man waiting to watch the Carol Burnett show just to see what kind of funny skits Tim would be in, and what he would do.

Tim had a wonderful career and was adored by many.  What you may not know about him is that he developed dementia later in life and spent his final years in a nursing facility unable to speak or understand what was going on around him.  Even though Tim led, by many standards, a very successful life, he was not immune to the devastating condition that affects almost half of us over the age of 85.  What we all do to help families prepare for the consequences of eventually needing long-term care, helps not only the afflicted person, but more so helps their family members.  Knowing LTC claims can be paid, and that a family member can help ‘manage’ the care needed without having to be burdened by becoming the caregiver, helps the family lead relatively normal lives given their circumstances. Maybe even watch reruns of Tim Conway in the Carol Burnett show just to add a little clean, light humor to their lives.

Tim’s humor was hilarious, his characters were creative, and not only did he help us laugh, he usually got his cast mates laughing at him as well.  The link that follows is a 4-minute clip of my favorite Tim Conway skit where he is a brand new dentist with his first patient played by Harvey Korman. It still makes me laugh.

We’ll miss Tim Conway, and comedians like him.  Keep doing what you do, as you are helping more people than you will ever know.  Hope you enjoy this classic Tim Conway skit.